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> Hello, People
> I am trying to extend the new 'modules' feature by allowing the
> 'require' function to load encrypted lua files. I haven´t found any
> clues on how to help the built-in module loading function to load my
> scripts by adding some sort of generic loader function or something of
> the sort, so I have decided to patch the source code to give it this
> capacity. However, I have felt a little unconfortable in doing so in a
> relatively new feature, in fear that I might be updated several times in
> the near future, giving me a little headache.

I dont see a use in such encryption in the module loader. If i want your
file decrypted then i would patch the module loader back to my needs ;-)

If you want to use encrypted lua files in your own application (where you
embedded lua as a scripting language) then i would take a look at the
function lua_load, and to lua_Reader, which should be able to to what
you want.

Or i'm misunderstanding something...