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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
> short. I looked at my C:\Windows\system32 directory for a list of
> versionned dll in there (list follows). Most of these versionned dll
> have a 2 digit (sometimes 3) version number, without dots, dashes or
> underscores before or between digits, for example msvcrt40.dll or
> msvcp71.dll. That's not a "standard" as in ECMA or ISO approved
> standard, and OS files themselves have no version in the file name
> (because win32 API is backward compatible), but it's a pretty common
> naming scheme in Windows world (enforced by Microsoft compiler C/C++
> runtime dll).
> Here is the list:
> kbdhe319.dll
> kbdibm02.dll
> kbdit142.dll

Tell me, assuming you don't know what "kbdhe" is, whether that first
file is for version 3.19, 31.9, or 3.1.9.  Delimiters convey essential
information.  For some filenames on some OS's we may be forced to omit
them, but let's please not fall into the lowest common denominator.