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neha jonna <> wrote

> Hi All,
>   I am new to Lua and have some questions.
>   1) what is the best library out there to write a simple http server?

For write a http server from scratch, you may use LuaSocket. But, if you
need a complete server, just try Xavante, a webserver written in Lua from
the Kepler Platform, and lighttpd, which is a nice and fast webserver
that embeds Lua. Also, you may use libhttpd (a C library). 

>   2) Generally where can I find documentation for any library? I couldn't find some of them in the book.

What about the Reference Manual? It gives a good overview of Lua and a
complete description of the API. Also, there is PiL2 (Programming in Lua,
2nd edition) and Beginning to Lua Programming. 

Alexandre Erwin Ittner -
OpenPGP pubkey 0x0041A1FB @