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> > I did not say, and I do not think, that this is "a significant
> > optimization", only an optimization.
> [...]
> However I doubt it's a _significant_ optimization.

So we all agree about that :-)

On the other hand, for sure the removal of some if's from the
interpreter will do some good (however insignificant). Other (small)
advantage is that more constants will fit in the K instructions
(from the current 256 to 512). The question is whether these is any
disadvantage, except that it is different from the current code. Code
generation does not seem to be more complex for this scheme. We have
more instructions, but each one is simpler. Overall I would say that the
machine becomes simpler, from an abstract point of view, as we get rid
of the RK concept. (But we have more instructions; each adds a small
fraction to overall complexity...)

-- Roberto