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(This bug was discovered by David Manura.)

The unary operators, OP_UNM, OP_LEN and OP_NOT do not allow constants for
the B operand. It's not clear to me why not, but in any case, the test at
line 702 of lcode.c is incorrect:

     if (e->k == VK)

The expression at that point could be nil or a boolean, in which case it
will not be placed into a register and  <OP_UNM r, k> will be produced.
This can be demonstrated:

-bash-2.05b$ src/luac -l -l -
return -nil
main <stdin:0,0> (3 instructions, 12 bytes at 0x8065000)
0+ params, 2 slots, 0 upvalues, 0 locals, 1 constant, 0 functions
        1       [1]     UNM             0 -1
        2       [1]     RETURN          0 2
        3       [1]     RETURN          0 1
constants (1) for 0x8065000:
        1       nil
locals (0) for 0x8065000:
upvalues (0) for 0x8065000:
-bash-2.05b$ src/lua luac.out
src/lua: luac.out: bad code in precompiled chunk

On Windows, this causes a segfault if the vm code is not checked. It
presumably could cause arbitrary behaviour on other OS's as well.

The solution would be either to make OP_UNM accept RK(B) instead of just
R(B), or to change the test in line 702 of lcode.c to include VNIL, VFALSE