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David Kastrup wrote:

> Uh, no.  The "14-bit byte" is a misnomer for 14-bit patterns
> representing 8-bit bytes.

Bytes on DSPs are usually 16 or 32 bits. In my experience in that arena
the term "byte" is used to refer to the smallest addressable unit, which
may or may not be an octet. On some DSPs I use a byte is the same size
as a word.

As for Unicode, I think David Given hit the nail on the head - there's
no clear concept of a 'unicode character'.

Often these kinds of debates go on for a long time until the simplest
solution arise. In this case I would normally think that strings of
32-bit code points will eventually replace 8-bit sequences such as
UTF-8. But because there's not really any concept of character even for
32-bit unicode, I think UTF-8 will be around for a long time.


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