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(Folks who think of Perl as an abomination might want to ignore this

There seems to be no support for embedding Perl code into Lua. At least
I couldn't find anything like this anywhere in the Lua archives.

So I have adapted and extended an old project of mine and made it work
with Lua. The main incentive was to enable re-use of the Perl modules I
have written over time (or downloaded from CPAN). In the fullness of
time, some of that stuff will surely be translated to Lua, but I want to
use it *right now*. Hence this embedding library and the accompanying
Lua module.

This is admittedly a rather specialist topic. However, I and a bunch of
other people have used this library for a couple of years now, though in
connection with other scripting languages. It works reasonably well (in
fact, version 1.3 plays rather nicely with Lua because Lua has superb
support for extending the language) and it seems to be pretty stable,
though I take no responsibilities whatsoever.

In a word, if this library is of use to anyone else, so much the better.

The Lua and C code require Lua 5.1; the DLL binary was compiled and
tested against the latest Win32 5.1.2 binaries from LuaBinaries (in
other words, it needs a lua5.1.dll to work). And without an installed
Perl (or at least the perl58.dll with the Perl core functions), you
won't have much joy either.

Anyway, more, including sources and the binaries for Windows, can be
found here:

cheers  thomasl

web :