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Thomas Lauer wrote:

"Mark Edgar" <> wrote:
A block is not a scope -- there is no scope expect where
there is a (local) variable to have one.  The only way
for multiple definitions to have the same scope is that
they are declared in the same statement (or parameter

Perhaps I misunderstand you but I think that's not the

local i,j,k,dmz,x,y,z=1,2,3,0,4,5,6

local dmz=7

The two definitions of dmz have different scopes, with the
second one shadowing the first in the area of overlap.

Incidentally, if I remember correctly the priority of
same-named variables in a local statement or parameter list:

local a, a, a = "left", "middle", "right"; print(a)

is undefined by the reference manual, although it is
predictable in practice.

Having two parameters with the same name is almost 100% an

True, though perhaps not in automatically generated code.


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