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Andre Carregal wrote:
> Jerome wrote:
>> I just noticed that you need an account to modify the wiki. It will
>> prevent many people from making quick fixes to the doc. You should
>> allow anonymous modifications unless you get too much vandalism to
>> manage. 
> That is an option, but the current registration just requires a
> username and password. Do you think this is that cumbersome? If you
> need anonymity we can create a guest/guest account so everyone (but
> the bots) can use it. Would that help?   

It's not an anonymity question, it's about how many clicks I need to fix
a typo error. In a wiki most little fixes are done by the readers, not
the article authors. Most readers have no use for a full fledged
account, and allowing anonymous (and by anonymous I mean unlogged)
access let them contribute.

Also many people will read the doc once, and never come to it again.
Creating an account, logging in and then editing is much more
time-consuming than just editing, and people that are just there to
check ftp connection parameters won't take that time.

Ideally you could block anonymous edits on a per-page basis, just like
wikipedia does. For example you could block anonymous edits on the front
page since it's the one most likely to be vandalized.