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I think the root problem is that this C expression (f==stdin) cannot
be expected to do anything useful.

The fix to luaL_loadfile is simple (I posted a patch yesterday).

The only other place in the Lua code which attempts to compare a FILE*
to stdin (or any standard stream) is io_gc() in liolib.c.  This bug
could leave a stream open, assuming the C implementation reuses FILE

lua_open(L); luaL_openlibs(L);
lua_dostring(L, " io.stdin:close();'foo'; ");
/* oops, file foo is still open and its FILE* handle is leaked */

The fix is to mark the three standard stream userdata when they are
created and then check for this mark in io_gc().  I have a patch, but
it's a work in progress as I am attempting to solve a whole slew of

calling fopen() with an invalid mode string
illegal file operations (flushing input stream, illegal seeks, etc)
illegal file operation sequences (reading an update stream after
writing without seeking, etc)