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Roberto Waltman wrote:
Matthew M. Burke wrote:
I stumbled across the following article about scripting languages:
| Java runs at 1.8 times the speed of compiled C; Lua (using a JIT compiler), | at 3 times; Python, at 6.7 times; PHP, at 7 times; Perl, at 9.8 times; and
| Ruby, at 16 times.

Can anyone else spot the subtle flaw in this statement?

A not so subtle 1/X ?

Roberto Waltman
By that metric, it means that a program that never terminates is infinitely faster than C!
That transforms the "Halting Problem" into the "Halting Advantage"!

I once heard a rumor that the Cray X/MP was so fast, it could execute an infinite loop in 12.7 seconds!