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Jesús Ruiz de Infante kirjoitti 17.4.2007 kello 12:04:

Gé Weijers wrote:
Every process should get a copy of your global variables, not share them with other processes. Global variables are shared between (Posix) threads that are part of the same process, not between processes (the library loader usually uses copy-on-write pages to implement this). I would still prefer a reentrant solution though, so storing it in the module environment is the right thing to do.
You are right. Static variables contained in DLLs are not shared by the processes linked against them. At least not on Linux. Is this point standarized?

This is standardized. Processes are certainly different, but use of your module in multithreading scenarios s.a. Lanes would be affected - there each separate Lua state is run as an OS thread, and modules may be initialized multiple times.

You can at least detect multiple initialization by checking, if a global already has a value. That would give an error instead of just weird behaviour later at runtime.