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Stefan Brantschen wrote:

Quick remark: there seems to be no default function for "enterframe" in ldb.lua (but in "ldb-config.example.lua").

Thanks for the bug report, it came in just before the tarball got rolled.

-  step no longer lingers at the end of debugf
-  enterframe is correctly initialized to do nothing

-  'breakfunc' implemented (see help breakfunc). Allows setting of
   breakpoints using an expression which evaluates to a function;
   also allows setting call/return breakpoints in CFunctions.
   These are not as useful as they could be; see the thread
   (tomorrow the relevant message should be there)

-  'if' implemented, as converse of unless

I'm sure there are still bugs. Please try to use CVSTrac
to report them, or let me know why it's a pain :)

Current tarball:

Thanks again to everyone who is testing.