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--- Rici Lake <> wrote:

> > 2. How do I actually use breakpoints? I don't seem
> to be able to get
> > them to do anything. I can set them, but then if I
> do a "c" to
> > continue, they seem to be ignored. Also, if I call
> "ldb()" to invoke
> > the debugger, then try to do "s" or "n", I get a
> message "Not inside
> > breakpoint". Do you have an example of how to use
> them?
> Yeah, I should have explained that better. The
> documentation lags the
> code a bit, but I'm trying to finish it all up in my
> spare time this
> week.
> Basically, the easiest way to use breakpoints is to
> start the program
> you're debugging with the ldb script included in the
> distro. You just
> do:
>    ldb myprog.lua #arguments if any

Maybe I'm just dense, but it doesn't look as though
arguments are being passed to "myprog.lua". I looked
at the code but didn't see exactly how that works. Do
I need a literal "#" in the line before the arguments,
or what?