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On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 22:33:53 -0500, Rici Lake <>

>Rici Lake wrote:
>> In a spurt of energy over Easter, I wrote a simple console-based 
>> debugger for Lua, which I hope will prove useful. I've set up a
>> CVSTrac (temporarily) at
>I've now done a partial implementation of breakpoints (no conditional
>breakpoints nor tracepoints, although I should be able to add those
>fairly soon.)
>You can examine files in the CVS, or get the complete tarball from:
>  There have been some
>changes from the previous version; in particular, the breakpoint
>support is a separate file.
>Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Looks very nice for an alpha product. I do have a couple of questions,

1. I think line 35 of ldb-break.lua should read:

"local breakcalls, breakrets"

rather than

"local breakcall, breakret"

as the latter causes the code to fail the "strict" check during

2. How do I actually use breakpoints? I don't seem to be able to get
them to do anything. I can set them, but then if I do a "c" to
continue, they seem to be ignored. Also, if I call "ldb()" to invoke
the debugger, then try to do "s" or "n", I get a message "Not inside
breakpoint". Do you have an example of how to use them?