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Diego Nehab wrote:
Did anybody else know about this? I didn't. I am not sure
how to fix this, but I think Roberto will not be happy. :)

Did you reproduce the crash? Because as explained below this might just be me screwing up...

I posted about this before[1] on the list. One person replied he couldn't reproduce the crash[2], another suggested I could try updating my compiler and Windows XP CRT[3], which didn't help. I suggested updating the manual to mention a minimal subset of supported conversion specifications supported by (strftime), but I don't think anyone picked that up.

Roger Ivie wrote:
Doesn't for me, using Lua 5.1 compiled with OpenWatcom.

Thanks for the heads up. I decided to investigate further and think I've found the problem. Presumably caused by myself... The LuaBinaries 5.1.2 build I just tried[4] doesn't crash while my own build does. The only difference I've found is that the LuaBinaries build links to MSVCRT.DLL while my own build doesn't (just NTDLL.DLL and KERNEL32.DLL). I think my build might be linking to a stub strftime in another DLL than MSVCRT.DLL, which crashes, unlike `the official' strftime that everyone else in the MS/Windows world seems to be using... You may now commence throwing stones :(. Sorry about the potential FUD, definitely not intended!

 - Peter Odding