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[ I believe this has been addressed before -- lua-l archives and a cup of coffee should do it? Also, this might be a candidate to the FAQ. ]

Having said that,

Lua state creation is _really_ fast (like 1000's per second) so don't be afraid. I'd try that first, since you always get a brand new state that way.

Lua Lanes (haha, do I write a single email without mentioning it?) provides a neat parallel mechanism to launch your custom scripts on "other states" and collect their results back in the main one. Still in lab, partly, mail me if fancying to try.

I think Rici mentioned some issues lately (yes, on 2-Apr) about when it's safe to reuse a state.


Shea Martin kirjoitti 12.4.2007 kello 17:27:

I [have] many different scripts which will be run at various times. I also have many different user types which have to be registered before certain scripts run.

Is it best to create a VM, register the necessary user types and cfunctions, then run a script? It seem redundant to define those user types and cfunctions over and over again...

Would I be better, to only ever have one VM, and run all my scripts through that vm? This seems like a potential hazard with name collision...

Is there way to save on redundancy? Any other suggestions? Performance is the real concern here.