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Eike Decker wrote:

I am carrying this in my mind for some time now and I guess, I am not alone:

What about a few new operators?
I think most people with a C/C++ background are missing the += *= etc operators
- and in my opinion these are really useful.
I have quite alot of vectoroperations in my luacode and it would be really great
if I could write

x,y,z += vx,vy,vz
x,y,z /= len,len,len

instead of

x,y,z = x + vx, y + vy, z + vz
x,y,z = x / len, y / len, z / len

It can be easier read and understood and is less to write.
Are there any reasons that speak against such operators (btw., the # operator is
was a great addition to 5.1)?

Eike Decker

+= operators aside, introducing a,b,c += d,e,f is just silly..
If you do lots of vector math in your app, you really should create some vector magic for it, such as this, It's reasonably fast, can be made faster, and allows you to do stuff like this:

   local a = vector:new( 1, 2, 3 )
   local b = vector:new( 4, 5, 6 )

   local c = a + b;
   c = c + vector:new( 1,1,1 );

etc etc..