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Hi Joe,
  Have a look at: , suppose you have
an object, with a __index metatable (for methods), if that object has
a parent you can set as __index metatable of the current __index
metatable the parent table (it is much more easy that it sounds).
With that if a method is not located in the current metatable it will
take a look at the parent. If the parent has another parent the this
will work recursively, nice isn't it?

   Jose L.

2007/4/7, Joe Krahn <>:
I'm new to Lua, so maybe there is already something like this.

If I make my own Lua objects with several Metatable entries, my
understanding is that I will have to add these entries for every object.
If I have a lot of these object, that seems wasteful, and adds overhead
from extra memory accesses. I was thinking, how about having a metatable
entry called "__inherit", which is just a reference to another table,
and which is checked if a given entry is not found?

Joe Krahn

 Jose L. Hidalgo Valiño (PpluX)
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