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David Given a écrit :
luc1an0 wrote:
My question can be very stupid, but I want to execute some shell commands with a pipe ( | ) like that :
os.execute(ps aux | grep my_program) or a generic way :
os.execute("my_command" "my_args" | another_command | ....)

I may be missing something here, but:

os.execute("ps aux | grep my_program")

...should work.
yes, works great... When i 've tried to do that, i had some bash errors. Probably due to an incorrect syntax...
And another simply question : How to don't return exit code if function even return string, for example
io.write(os.execute("pwd")) return this

I'm not sure what you're asking for here. Do you want to stop pwd printing
it's output directly to the console and instead let Lua capture it as a
string? If so, use io.popen:

local f = io.popen("pwd") -- runs command
local l = f:read("*a") -- read output of command

Or did you mean something else?
Thanks !
"pwd" was just an example... In fact, if I execute command which return a status code (like "test"), I want to get it. But if the command return a string, I just want to get these string without the status code.

Thanks a lot :)