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Philippe Lhoste a écrit :
cortomaltese_mf wrote:
I want to link my VS2005 application with the lua 5.1 libraries.
I compile both lua and my application with the same parameters, specifically
Code generation: MTd.
Preprocessor: WIN32;_DEBUG
I link with lua5.1.lib in the directory lua5.1\llib\static.
I get the following message:
c1xx : error C3174: module attribute was not specified
LINK : fatal error LNK1250: failed to merge IDL content

When I have a semi-cryptic error message from a compiler, I usually google for the error code or message.
First link I got:
"A program that uses Visual C++ attributes did not also use the module attribute, which is required in any program that uses attributes."

I still don't understand the issue (I don't use VS2005) but I hope this helps you.

You probably have defined that your program use COM. Thats why it tries to comile an inexistant idl file.
Search in the linker setting.
Best wishes

Noël Frankinet
Gistek Software SA