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The Lua mailing list was created ten years ago, on Feb 20th, 1997. Since
then, over 37000 messages have been posted!

The first real message (after Roberto's test messages) was by Terry Bayne,
who is still a lua-l regular. Other early subscribers who are still in
lua-l include Francis Burton and Norman Ramsey.

The traffic in lua-l has increased markedly in the last couple of years, as
can be seen in but the signal-to-noise
ratio remains very high.

As we say in the HOPL paper:

 We have been fortunate that the Lua list is very friendly and at the
 same time very technical. The list has become the focal point of the
 Lua community and it has been a source of motivation for improving Lua.

The HOPL paper also makes it clear how much of the evolution of Lua is
due to discussions and suggestions from lua-l.

On behalf of the Lua team, I thank you all for keeping lua-l friendly
and welcoming, and full of good advice. We thank all of you who
generously share your expertise with the whole Lua community.