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On mié, 2007-02-07 at 23:25 -0800, gary ng wrote:
> Hi,
> Since lua don't have thread support out of the box,
> the alternative would be spawning multiple small lua
> process if I want some form of multi tasking(I know
> there is coroutine but let's say that coroutine
> doesn't fit the scenario).
> How would I have a simple efficient way of
> bi-directional communication between two lua process ?
> On, unix platform, using domain socket seems to be
> easiest(though I am not sure if luasocket supports it
> and I was told that there is no such a thing on
> Windows). popen() only creates a one way pipe.
> Or must I fallback to the interface ? I see
> two problems with that, security and unnecessary
> payload(the network layer). Though it has the
> advantage that it is network ready by design.
> What I want is a relatively portable way(mainly *nix
> and Windows) for this need.
> regards,
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You are talking about multiple processes, then you are considering
multiple Lua universes.
LuaTask ( ) is a multithreading addon with
multiple Lua universes and memory queues for inter-universe