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Jimmie Houchin wrote:
And since Lua does support OOP, there is no reason to not do it consistently and well.

Different OOP schemes have different trade offs. And a broad
range of application means that there are different needs. The
most you can expect is a more or less consistent  usage of
some schemes / idioms in specific projects or aereas of application.

 However, certain critical mass is nice.

That has been passed already in some areas (let's say games,
embedding, data description) and others seem to be on a
good way (webservices for instance).

I agree with you that Lua is still week on the desktop probably
due to a missing common lightweight GUI. But that is a difficult topic. Lua Cheia has tried something but seem to have failed.

Well, good documentation and installation on a bunch of
different platforms is a never ending story. My experiance
so far is that it takes some time to become familiar with
the "Lua way" and to manage its power but than  it is easy ... :-)