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Mildred wrote:

Browsing the wiki, I discovered the frontier pattern.  But
I can't find it in the reference manual ? Why not include
it ?

Roberto says[1]

It is not documented because we are not sure it is worth
providing this kind of facility.

In the upcoming book on Lua that I coauthored[2], we
describe how to use it, and give the following warning:

The fact that %f is undocumented means that it may --
without notice -- change or disappear altogether in a
subsequent release of Lua.  It also means that there?s no
explicit guarantee of its behavior, and it may act
unexpectedly when used in unusual situations:

> -- This should find the empty string at the beginning of the
> -- subject, but it doesn't (due to an implementation quirk):
> print(string.find("\0", "%f[%z]"))



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