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Ahh, I'd forgotten about that.  Wonder how well-tested this has
been...  Hopefully it's not too buggy.
I suppose the best testing would be to create a test-suite.

On 12/26/06, Anders Bergh <> wrote:
Like this? [1]


On 12/27/06, Thomas Harning Jr. <> wrote:
> Is there any interest in a library that can take advantage of libffi
> or ffcall [2] to enable access to arbitrary functions?  Of course
> there would be limitations to what sort of arguments are passed (but
> from my looks @ ffcall, it can handle pretty detailed struct
> parameters)
> libffi, being part of GCC looks to be a good option due to platform
> support (any statistics on this?), however documentation/examples are
> nowhere to be seen.  ffcall supports many archs, is available separate
> from GCC, and has pretty reasonable documentation, examples, and
> tests.
> Also to note about ffcall: it supports some neat stuff, such as a
> simpler stdcall-type interface and which I think is the best feature
> besides the FFI-type stuff, is the ability to create native C
> closures... useful for creating augmented callbacks that can be passed
> to other frameworks (ex: fltk).
> I'd be happy to collaborate to create a Lua 5.1 compatible module for
> such functionality.
> In the near future I may throw together an example using one of these
> libraries...  I'd hope that the complete library could use either of
> these libraries (or both) to open the library to handling the most
> features while allowing for customization and platform accessibility.
> For example... ffcall may support creating callbacks that can be used
> by fltk .. but for a simpler program that is only supported by libffi,
> the module would be the same, just supporting a different feature
> subset.)
> 1 :
> --
> Thomas Harning Jr.


Thomas Harning Jr.