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The 'ex' package was news to me; worth a close look.

There's also a possibility of using 100% Lua code, and os.execute() call, in an OS independent way. Lumikki has such code within it; see dirtools.lua if someone's interested.	(take 0.22 tgz = the latest)

- asko

Ken Smith kirjoitti 19.12.2006 kello 2.09:

On 12/18/06, Mark Edgar

   require "lposix"
   for name in posix.files"/foo" do

And there is also the "ex" API:

   require "ex"
   for entry in os.dir"/foo" do

Thanks Mark.  These two libs also look great.  At first blush both
will be good additions to my toolbox in addition to their ability to
help me in this case.

 Ken Smith