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Terisquas Brothers wrote:
--- "Andrew Fray" wrote:

Your best bet might be constructing some kind of
finite state machine and a lua-based interpreter/ide. IMO that's better software engineering than trying to hack around with the byte code, and lua's so fast to develop in that you may find it doesn't take too much

mmm... what do you mean exactly? a lua interpreter
from lua?

Sorry, wasn't so clear.

I suggest writing a finite state machine interpreter in lua, and a quick GUI that hooks into that interpreter and can alter the machine state as to simulate edit-and-continue or stepping to a previous/future point in the state matrix.

Although I know that doesn't satisfy the curiosity of the more hardcore here! :)

You probably know, but a finite state machine is a closed system containing only actions, transitions, and states for those actions and transitions to move between. It's a more formal way of laying out probably what you're already doing, and given a good IDE should be quicker to create than writing specialized Lua code.