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> perlster wrote:
> My first impression of Lua is also negative!! The language may be 100%
> superior to all others, but for me as a newbee, that's not the point. The
> documentation for both Kepler and Lua are geared toward the accomplished C
> programmer. *That's Bad*.

While I have to agree with your point, it would be somewhat more fair to
compare the current documentation with Ruby's around 2000. 6 years of
contributions and books make quite a difference. :o)

> I've been trying to get help on:
> kepler forum at LuaForge - nothing; nada; nobody home

Again, the Kepler community is currently pretty small so when some of us
take the weekend off the house really feels empty. This should be less
common as the community grows.

> kepler mailing list - my subscription appears to be hosed - I check the
> archives, the message is there, but I get no mail from the list. At any
> rate, no answers -- again nobody home.

For some reason your subscription from LuaForge hasn't been registered with
mailman so your post got together with the usual spam lot, but once it was
approved it went to the list. Apparently the manual registration worked.

> So how do you expect to make converts to Lua /Kepler? On comp*lang*perl,
> may be a bunch of snarky bastards, but at least you get an answer!

There are probably a lot more people there and we are still starting our
knowledge base. This so called culture thing takes some time to spread, and
those in the first stages are usually burned with the initial headaches.

All I can say is that we are working hard to make things easier to install
and use, but we are really behind schedule due to a lot of factors.