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I agree.

What's coming out of my factory maybe next week is an NCurses binding. Funny, but it's kind of GUI too. At least it's proven to be long living. :D


Jerome Vuarand kirjoitti 16.12.2006 kello 1.36:

Peter Sommerfeld wrote:
And BTW, I wonder why one should reinvent the wheel and make yet
another GUI framework based on yet another graphical interface...

Portability is the issue and "to make it better" :-))

As said before: the topic is probably to general for this list.

my 2 cent


I don't think the discussion is off topic. Any general purpose scripting language needs at some point or another a widely accepted, portable and easy to use gui library, like what tk is to tcl. The widely acceptance criterion is conditionned by the fact that the lib must respect the language paradigm (in the case of Lua simple C source, extensibility and embeddability). Lua is lacking one.

The problem with gui libraries is that their lifetime is quite short, and there are 'dead bodies' everywhere on the internet, so finding an alive lib is quite difficult. Making it widely accepted in such a short time span is extremely hard. So on that basis any discussion that may trigger wide interest in a potential gui cornerstone for Lua on this mailing list is a good thing.

My 2 cents :-)