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majkinetor majkinetor wrote:
> - How complex is mechanism to access Native API from lua, if possible

Very easy. It's possible to write a extend Lua to allow native C or C++ code
to be called from a Lua script in a handful of lines of code. Alternatively, a
binding generator like swig or tolua can do it for you.

I believe there's also a set of Lua COM bindings, so you should be able to
talk to ActiveX objects without needing more bindings (but I'm not a Windows
user, so you'd better check that).

> - Is it possible to start Lua code from the hook witch resides in
> memory of other process as hooks will be used to catch events
> (related: shared memory, interprocess communication)

No, it's not.

However, you *could* write a system where the other process sends a message to
the process that owns the Lua VM, which does the work there. I don't know the
Windows window manager model --- doesn't it all run in a single process?

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