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Matt Campbell wrote:
> If you use PDF (which has copy protection features), I strongly
> recommend that you use Tagged PDF (I don't have an official URL handy;
> google it).

PDF copy protection is either (a) trivially breakable (you just use a PDF
viewer that doesn't honour the 'no-copy' or 'no-print' flags), or else (b)
makes the document too unwieldy to use (because it requires some ghastly
proprietary document viewer that only works on some platforms and plays fast
and loose with your system to prevent things like screen capture).

I don't believe there has ever been *any* ebook format that was both usable
and prevented copying.

> Unfortunately, I don't know if any tools other than Acrobat
> exist to generate Tagged PDF documents.

OpenOffice will.

(I keep getting bemused by people who actually spend money on PDF software...)

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