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I'm using it, consistently, and it's a life-saver.

Don't know of a better way; this might be connected to discussions about 'constraints' a while back, in bigger programs and production code some more checks than what currently is available wouldn't hurt. You might check List archives, about it.


Jose Marin kirjoitti 6.12.2006 kello 18.57:

I'm using "strict.lua" to try to prevent syntax errors
like, for example, typing "EV_KKEYDOWN" (note the
extra 'K') instead of "EV_KEYDOWN".

It's working OK, but I wonder if this is the proper
way of doing this on production code.

Is there a fast/safe way of instruct Lua to use only
initialized variables?

Or the method used in "strict.lua" it's the best way?