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> > In the case of expat, there is a good chance expat does not deal
> > well with being longjmped out of (though perhaps it does), and will
> > leak resources as the error propogates up back to lua code.
> It does (or at least it did, when I first wrote the lexpat library). It
> was "documented" somewhere (in an answer to a question in its mailing
> list, if I remeber correctly).

I am sorry for the bad information. Actually, I found "documented"
somewhere that it was *not* safe to longjmp Expat, so the real library
(luaexpat) uses lua_pcall to call Lua handles. The code in the book was
(maybe over) simplified. (The real code is a little tricky, because once
there is an error it must stop calling other handles, but there is
no way to stop Expat.)

-- Roberto