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David Burgess a écrit :
Mike Pall wrote:
The recipe for portability is to ignore the locale and do
everything in UTF-8 internally (e.g. for string handling). Only
convert at the boundaries to/from the 'widest' API available
(e.g. for file I/O or GUIs).

I have used this scheme and it works well for file names. I
used MultiByteToWideChar() just prior to file name usage.
The only place it presents some overhead is in directory iterators.

Yes, I was about to point out these functions:
MultiByteToWideChar <> WideCharToMultiByte <> They seems to be the canonical way to do conversions between various locales, UTF-8 (and even UTF-7) and UTF-16 (native Windows Unicode).

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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