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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
I gather there is no "best" way.

I know (so the quotes ;)

The way slnunicode does it is optimized for size,
using a higly compressed unicode character class table (from Tcl)
and never requiring space for a UTF-16 version (unlike Tcl).

What is the license? Where can I find documentation?

(docu is rather minimal) fyi, for a while we use the slunicode library in luatex but only for manipulating (find, gsub and such); because we need full control, we do utf 16 -> utf8 and collapse graphemes to unicode slots using pure lua (fast enough); same for case mapping; locales in lua are ignored and when needed input encodings are handles in lua code; the code is written (by taco) on a linux machine and i do testing (and lua coding) on windows (i never noticed problems with utf8 on windows) hans
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