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Hello Mike,

Monday, December 4, 2006, 8:03:51 PM, you wrote:

MP> cloudwu wrote:
>> LoadLibrary will load dll in system directory before current
>> directory by default settings.

MP> Quoting MSDN (emphasis mine):
MP>   "If the string DOES NOT SPECIFY A PATH, the function uses a
                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This "PATH" maybe
                             indicate the FULL PATH (IMHO).

   Because " LoadLibrary(".\\system32\\console.dll"); " never failed
   in my system. It will load "c:\windows\system32\console.dll".

   But "LoadLibrary("c:\\system32\\console.dll");" failed, because
   there is no directory "c:\\system32" in my system.

   So if you does not specify a full path, LoadLibrary uses its
   search strategy to find the file ,too.
   In default windows xp2, current directory will be searched at last,
   after system directory.

MP>   standard search strategy to find the file."

MP> But Lua always specifies a path (i.e. a string containing a
MP> backslash) when using require.

Best regards,