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> I tried that and it didn't work (on vim 6.2, maybe it's different on  
> vim 7).

True. It worked for me on Vim 6.4 and 7.0, but not on 6.3. I think it might be
easier to convince users to upgrade than to find a general fix. :)

> Hence my suggestion to use this bit of vimscript:
> map <silent> <F1> :call  
> <SID>LookUp(matchstr(strpart(getline("."),matchend(strpart(getline("."), 
> 0,col(".")),".*\\W\\w")-1),"\\w*"))<CR>

That's a good one. I try not to bind "usually preferred" keys since this tends
to get annoying for many users. Believe me: key bindings are a religious
matter in some parts of the globe (not to mention editor choice). :)


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