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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo a écrit :

I briefly tried it.

Bad points:
- I download a Zip file, only to find an almost uncompressed install program. - I have to install the program. I don't see the usefulness, I prefer a simple unzip.
- The Start Menu entry doesn't have an Uninstall entry.
I copied the folder elsewhere and uninstalled it, so I don't another install entry. - Looks nice, but it doesn't even accept a file drag'n'dropped from the Windows Explorer. Very bad point for me. - You include a CHM version of Programming in Lua, do you have the rights to do this? - The purpose of the File Extensions.lua plugin isn't clear: I add cxx for example, but it isn't highlighted.
I also changed C++ Source.hgl but still nothing.
Actually, all the files I open are B&W, even HTML or Lua ones. Maybe I miss something. Nothing obvious in the options.
- Can I do column selection?

Promising, but still has some rough edges...
I have not yet looked at the Lua API.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --