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Paul Hudson wrote:
Well, (ab)* isn't so complex, both to implement (I think) or conceptually (that's not (?<=\w{5})...).

Go on then :)

(i.e. let's see an implementation and see how much bigger it gets. The
difference quoted in the Lua docs between the Lua regexps and PCRE seems
quite large, and there's presumably a reason for that)

I might, as the subject interest me, but it would be a waste of time if:
- Roberto already tried and concluded it is too costly. I doubt being able to do better...
- Patch won't be looked at.

Gavin Wraith wrote:
> In googling about I have come across pattern
> matching packages that claim to be "compact and fast", e.g.
> .
> Maybe these epithets are relative.

This one is "free for academic research only."...

Mmm, I just discovered that SciTE's simple engine doesn't handle such construct (ie. repetition on a group of chars) either. I overlooked that! Well, perhaps I can try to improve that and see if it is even doable simply... If I fail, I suppose I should have just shut my mouth. ;-)

Philippe Lhoste
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