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Why do not add slicing in the next release of Lua ?
It could be for example :

	tab[i:]  equivalent to tab[i,false] or tab[i,nil]
	tab[:j]  equivalent to tab[false,j] or tab[nil,j]
	tab[i:j] equivalent to tab[i,j]

And if the metatable __index is defined, it would be respectively
equivalent to :

	metatable(tab).__index(tab, i, false)
	metatable(tab).__index(tab, false, j)
	metatable(tab).__index(tab, i, j)

And also create the _index metamethod in the string module, so this
could be used with strings. Then I could have instead of str:sub(1,2)
str[1,2] ... and instead of str:sub(2,2) str[2].

Any toughts about it ?
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