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On 11/20/06, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
Still, it is a lack that I classify as a necessity of the
implementation, not a feature of the language.

Lua is one of those languages which provides OO capabilities without
imposing THE OO architecture you MUST use. In developer terms, that
may be harder because objects turn to be transparent and broken object
schemes may give you trouble. After you decided about how to make your
objects, it is not that hard. For code users, (usually) there is not
much difference -- just use them as black boxes.

If your lemma is "One size never fits all." (10, RFC 1925,, it fits with the Lua
philosophy. If you want an OO architecture for Lua, choose one and use
it. That's going to work too. Just don't propose a step back removing
the alternatives other Lua people may be used to.

My $0.02.

Adriano Ferreira