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Another issue with this approach is list iteration:

	mytab = {}
	mt = { __index = someCfunction }
	setmetatable(mytab, mt)
	local i, v = next(mytab, nil)
	while i do
		print(i .. " : " .. v)
		i, v = next(mytab, i)

The above will never print anything as 'mytab' is empty.
The other goal is transparency.  The patch provides this.

Thanks for the feedback,

Michael Grubb

On Nov 13, 2006, at 5:10 PM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

This metamethod can also save the values in the table, so that it will
act as a cache for C values (which may or may not be desirable).

This would allow modifying the cached values.

Like I said, it may not be what you want but it's convenient
when it makes sense.