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Andes (

OS X, terminal, SubEthaEdit

It may be time to start talking about Andes on the list, although it's vaporware to the highest degree. Hopefully, that will change within a few months.

The idea is to have an IDE with most everything done in Lua, but the GUI. It would do:
- editing of Lua sources
- automatic syncing of modifications to the target system(s)
- debugging front end

Whether execution happens on the local machine, or over the network (ssh,scp will be enough) does not really make a difference; one can think _all_ targets are remote, even the local one (= edited sources and those run are in different folders).

- packaging into a stand-alone installer, and/or .deb/.rpm/... package

I'll basically be grabbing good ideas shamelessly from XCode, and iLife, and making a cool OS X development tool that's actually pleasant to use. Once the underlying Lua layer is there, the "face" can be coded for Win32, Gtk+ etc. as well.

That's all, but having that available would be a boost to much of the community, especially the embedded side (due to the remote debugging). And yes, it will use RemDebug. It will get binaries, modules etc. through LuaRocks (not really helping in module development, only using them). It will deal with Eclipse with a complete ignoration. :) It will use stock Lua 5.1 (perhaps pushing it onto the target system via ssh/scp unless it's already there).


ps. ignore the donation part on the website, I don't think it's really going to work; unless some Big Company (hint-hint) wants to hire me for 12 months to make it All Come True. :/ THAT kind of donations are indeed welcome..

Ken Smith kirjoitti 10.11.2006 kello 18.52:

Mac OS X Terminal
GNU Screen (essential!)
vim with minimal syntax highlighting

I want for nothing in my development environment except that I'd like
to be able to map the little enter key by the arrow keys on my Macbook
Pro to control :)

 Ken Smith

On 11/10/06, Andrew Fray <> wrote:

What does everyone use?

I'm running lua embedded in a VC6 app, so I have both that and JEdit
(with lua syntax highlighting) open. We have an in-app debugger which
is acceptable but not brilliant.

Don't like going back and forth between the two environments.  Anyone
got any better solutions they'd like to share?