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The choice of not sharing the source was intentional, since it was made as part of my paid duties, to which I do not own rights to. I can ask for permission, and will most likely be granted it, but would it really matter? I don't see Lua faring multiple times better, getting the magnitudes was the point of the ad hoc test. On other areas than regex, I see Lua performing very favorably, compared to anything.

Next week, I will also test Perl CSV modules, which I've earlier seen very poor performers. Perhaps I've used the wrong flavor?


On Fri, 10 Nov 2006 10:08:24 -0200 (Roberto Ierusalimschy) wrote:
Here's the inofficial results of a small (20+ lines) test, run on three candidates.

When sending results, it is quite useful to know results of what. Could
you send the source of these tests?

-- Roberto