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Seconded - would only be a nice twist! :)

Further suggestion: also msg subject should be (clearly) in the language of the message. Or even: preceding the title with 'PT' for Portuguese, or any other language code.

The latter would allow filtering, for those not caring to see them. Would of course only be a social agreement, but this list seems pretty good in keeping up to those. At least the first responder would prefix with "PT".

Now, anyone speaking Kannada here?ಮುಖ್ಯ_ಪುಟ;

Javier Guerra kirjoitti 6.11.2006 kello 22.27:

Asko Kauppi wrote:
Maybe we need separate Portuguese, Spanish support lists?

IMHO, spanish-only members are still too few for this. portugese- reading, OTOH, is a big enough portion of members so that if somebody really has problems with english, i personally wouldn't be offended by the ocassional use of portuguese. i myself don't really talk it, but usually can read a bit, so it's even possible that i could actually help (in the unlikely case that nobody else answers first, of couse)