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From: Nicolas Cannasse <ncannasse <at>>
Subject: Re: Lua and Neko comparison
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.lua.general
Date: 2006-09-28 07:14:24 GMT (1 day, 8 hours and 12 minutes ago)

> Some of the Shootout benchmarks scripts are available in the
> neko/src/benchs.

In my experience, heated discussion of microbenchmarks soon becomes
tedious to mailing-list subscribers - so it's nice to give a subject
line that can be filtered out ;-) (Or move the quarrel to the Shootout
forum and leave the mailing-list in peace.)

Today a couple of anonymous requests for Neko have appeared in the
Shootout "Feature Requests" tracker - I tend to ignore those requests
until someone makes the effort to "contribute programs" for the
microbenchmarks (see the FAQ). 

I already have a collection of installed, working, language
implementations for which we have no programs beside "hello world" :(

best wishes, Isaac

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