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On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 03:19:37PM -0500, Rici Lake wrote:
> >Integers are bit masks; bit masks are as much fundamental types in
> >Lua as integers, by this logic.  Also, % is floating point modulus;
> >looking at a particular subset of its uses (integer remainder) and
> Integers can be represented as bit strings, certainly, but then so can 

I was speaking the other way around: floats represent integers, and
integers represent bit strings; if that means integers are a fundamental
type, bit strings are too.  They both seem equally contrived.

> >wanting a paired operator with that seems like rationalizing a sqrt()
> >operator because a subset of multiplication is squaring.
> Sqrt is a specialization of ^, not a subset of it. I'm not arguing 
> either way about a sqrt unary operator, although it would be a 
> plausible way of speeding up calculation of square roots in hard loops.

Not what I meant.  Squaring (m^2) is a subset of multiplication (m*n
where m == n), just like remainder is a subset of modulus (m % n where
m and n are integers).  Saying "remainder is built into the language,
so integer division should be too" is like saying "squaring is built
into the language, so square root should be too".

Glenn Maynard