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On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:50:55 -0400
"Jerome Vuarand" <> wrote:

> There's a vim version for OSX:

Well, a «standard» console (non-gui) install of Vim 6.x is available by
default in every MacOS X box. Vim had Lua support for a long time. That
makes me feel at home when coding on MacOS X (I use only non-gui Vim,
in nearly *every* OS out there, but that's my personal preference, of

If you want an editor with Macintosh feeling, I would recommend
SubEthaEdit, too. I found GUI versions of Vim/Emacs for MacOS X very
disgusting compared to their console versions.

Another reason for using console editors: Everybody has a console (and,
as a side effect, you'll perform more and more tasks with the keyboard
as you learn how to use the editor -- the mouse make you slower).

Just my thoughts, hope nobody will feel harmed by them. Cheers,

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.
                   -- RFC 1925

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