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Nicolas Cannasse wrote:
>> I don't believe there is *any* other interpreted language that supports that
>> sort of thing!
> Well sorry for the plug, but Neko ( provides that as
> well, with the difference that you can easily create executable from a
> compiled Neko script.

No, it can't (from what I understand from the documentation) --- Neko
allows you to build a single executable *for one platform*. What I've
got is a single executable that will run *on all platforms*.

> And if you don't want to stick to the "low-level" dynamicly typed
> language, you can use haXe ( that has a complete OO type
> system and which targets Neko.

Haxe is interesting; if they ever do a Lua backend, it may be possible
to use Haxe plus my mechanism to produce cross-platform binaries for any
(Unix-like) system...

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